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Senate Health & Long Term Care Committee

Public Hearing: SB 5213 – Clarifying the authority and role of the office of developmental disabilities ombuds. (Remote testimony.) SB 5229 – Concerning health equity continuing education for health care professionals. (Remote testimony.) SB 5246 – Concerning reimbursement for primary care services for medicaid beneficiaries. (Remote testimony.) SB 5203 – Producing, distributing, and purchasing generic prescription drugs. (Remote testimony.)

Executive Session: SB 5169 – Concerning provider reimbursement for personal protective equipment during the state of emergency related to COVID-19. SB 5178 – Establishing automatic waivers of select state health care laws to enable timely response by the health care system during a governor-declared statewide state of emergency. SB 5302 – Establishing a personal protective equipment vendor database. SB 5294 – Concerning the creation of statewide epidemic preparedness and response guidelines for long-term care facilities.