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House Labor & Workplace Standards Committee

Public Hearing: 2SSB 5649 – Modifying the Washington state paid family and medical leave act; SSB 5701 – Determining monthly wages for workers’ compensation; SSB 5783 – Reestablishing the underground economy task force; SB 5801 – Concerning attorney and witness fees in industrial insurance court appeals; SSB 5890 – Clarifying eligibility for the presumption for workers’ compensation for all personnel working at a radiological hazardous waste facility. 

Possible Executive Session: SSB 5564 – Protecting the confidentiality of employees using employee assistance programs; ESSB 5761 – Concerning employer requirements for providing wage and salary information to applicants for employment; SB 5763 – Eliminating subprevailing wage certificates for individuals with disabilities; ESSB 5873 – Concerning unemployment insurance; SB 5875 – Adding employees employed by the department of licensing who are assigned to review, process, approve, and issue driver licenses to the definition of frontline employees under the health emergency labor standards act.