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House Civil Rights & Judiciary Committee

Public Hearing: SSB 5575 – Adding additional superior court judges in Snohomish county; SB 5596 – Conforming disclosure restrictions for mental health counselors, marriage and family therapists, and social workers to the requirements of the Uniform Health Care Information Act; 2SSB 5664 – Concerning forensic competency restoration programs; SSB 5920 – Concerning parenting plans; SB 5931 – Concerning appointment of judges pro tempore in the court of appeals. 

Possible Executive Session: SSB 5127 – Concerning courthouse facility dogs; E2SSB 5155 – Concerning prejudgment interest; SB 5489 – Concerning business entities; SB 5491 – Clarifying waiver of firearm rights; SSB 5548 – Concerning the uniform unregulated child custody transfer act; ESB 5561 – Concerning the restoration of the right to possess a firearm; SB 5629 – Concerning control of the disposition of remains; SB 5788 – Concerning guardianship of minors; SSB 5856 – Concerning transfers of firearms to museums and historical societies.