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Criminal Sentencing Task Force

Agenda (virtual meeting): 9:00am Get technology working, take attendance;

9:15am Review agenda, suggested zoom protocols and key ground rules; 9:25am Introductions and updates; 10:10am Break; 10:20am Reentry & Reducing Recidivism Working Group: Draft Desired Outcomes; 10:30 am “First offer” of findings and potential policy recommendations • Mac Pevey, Nick Allen, Suzanne Cook, and Christopher Poulos will present potential recommendations and work to date of the working group; 11:00am Break; 11:10am Discussion of “First offer” continued — Task Force members provide working group with guidance, input, questions to clarify and/or explore, which the working group will incorporate into a “second offer” and present to the Task Force at the July meeting. • Initial thoughts, reactions, or questions for clarity • Are there areas where more information is needed? • Could any of the proposed recommendations have a possible negative effect? If so, what change(s) could lessen that effect? • What other recommendations or topic areas should the working group consider?; 12:00pm Work plan for future meetings; 12:05pm Reflections on meeting • each member gives one sentence that summarizes how they experienced the meeting; 12:15pm Questions from observers; 12:25pm Action items and next steps; • Next meeting agenda, issues, (any carry-over, unfinished business?); 12:30pm Adjourn.