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Inside Olympia – Federal Infrastructure Money for Washington

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A year ago Congress approved, and President Biden signed into law, the bipartisan infrastructure bill. 

In the year since, and in the year to come, new money is and will be flowing into state and local governments across the U.S. 

The money is paying for such things as road building and maintenance, rebuilding bridges, expanding broadband into underserved areas, replacing salmon-blocking culverts, improving drinking water systems, preparing ares to be more resilient to natural disasters, and much more. 

This week host Austin Jenkins sits down with representatives of state and local governments in Washington to explore what federal infrastructure money is buying in Washington. Guests include Allison Camden of the Washington State Department of Transportation, or WSDOT; Brandy DeLange, who works for the Association of Washington Cities, or AWC; and Axel Swanson, with the Washington State Association of Counties, or WSAC.