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Inside Olympia – Child Care & Media Literacy

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February 11, 2021

Majority Democrats in Olympia are proposing a capital gains tax to fund an expansion of child care. They say COVID has exacerbated an already significant crisis in lack of affordable child care. But Republicans oppose new taxes, contending the problem isn’t lack of funding, but too much government regulation and involvement, which is causing child care providers to close and scaring away new providers. We debate the issue with State Reps. Tana Senn and Tom Dent.

Plus, we live in the social media era. These days, instead of picking up a newspaper, many people — especially young people — get their news in a feed on their phone. Is it time for students to be taught media literacy and digital citizenship? We talk with two senators who think the answer is yes: Sens. Marko Liias and Shelly Short.