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“The Impact”: THC, pesticides and pot lab protocol; Tsunami simulations show Puget Sound impacts

Mike McClanahan profile by Mike McClanahan

“The Impact” – Sept. 11, 2019:


When Washington state legalized marijuana for medical and later recreational use, there was no common standard by which to test the products.  There still isn’t. The WA Dept. of Ecology is now involved in an effort to bring uniformity to testing procedures so customers can have confidence that cannabis products match their labels when it comes to THC and don’t have any contaminants or pesticides.

Guest: Annette Hoffmann, Assessments Program Manager, WA Dept. of Ecology

New simulations show just how far a coastal tsunami would travel into the Salish Sea and Puget Sound. From Bellingham to Tacoma, it’s clear the risk of inundation isn’t limited to the outer coast.

Guest: Corina Forson, Chief Hazards Geologist, WA Dept. of Natural Resources

Top thumbnail image credit: WADNR (color inverted to highlight wave)