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On ‘The Impact:’ A detailed look at Initiative 1401

by caprecord

This week’s edition of “The Impact” looks at the details of Initiative 1401, which would make it illegal to sell, purchase or trade certain animal species threatened with extinction.

The initiative aims to fight poaching by outlawing products from ten endangered animals, including elephant ivory, shark fins and tiger products. The penalty for breaking the law ranges from $1,000 to $14,000 in fines and potentially up to five years in jail.

The initiative has exemptions for musical instruments, inheritances and educational donations if the item is at least 100 years old there is documentation to prove it.

Supporters say it will help reduce the slaughter of elephants by reducing the market for ivory products. Opponents say the exemptions are too narrow, and it will put legal antique dealers out of business.

Here’s a look at images from the show, which is posted online here.

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