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Reddit asks Inslee about vaping, death penalty, restaurant recommendations

by caprecord
Gov. Jay Inslee (Photo via @GovInslee on Twitter.)

Gov. Jay Inslee fielded a variety of questions from the public on Thursday on the Internet forum Reddittransportationfunding health and science research and the death penalty, to name a few.

The forum is a popular spot for the public to ask questions of celebrities, politicians, famous people and not-so-famous people.

Reddit users also take the opportunity to comment on each other’s questions and answers, ask follow up questions, and can rate each other’s comments.

Inslee answered one question on vaping, after numerous e-cigarette and vapor product supporters submitted questions.

“You point out issues of fairness, equity and health. We’ve chosen to focus on children’s health to prevent an industry in succeeding in getting people to become addicted to nicotine,” he wrote in part. (Read the whole answer on Reddit.)

One questioner wondered what Inslee’s favorite non-franchise restaurant was in Washington.

Inslee answered: “Best milkshake = Burger Barn (Darrington, WA) Best cheeseburger = Rawhide Bar N Grill (Starbuck, WA).”

Another questioner asked what it was like to be lobbied.

He wrote: “It’s like when your kids tell you they want to go to Disneyland.”

You can relive the entire chat at Reddit.

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