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Washington State Recreation & Conservation Funding Board

Agenda: Call to order, Roll Call and Determination of Quorum, Overview of the online meeting procedures, Review and Approval of Agenda, Remarks of the Chair; Consent agenda – Resolution 2020-08 (January Board meeting minutes, time extensions, scope change, cost increases, technical corrections); Director’s Report – legislative update, Partner Updates on Legislation and Budget, Grant Management Report, Grant Services Report, Performance Report, Fiscal Report; Overview of the Next Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP) and Other Affiliated Plans; Land and Water Conservation Fund-Legacy: Applications Overview and Opportunity for Public Comment; Overview of Grant Cycle Timeline & Procedural Changes; Proposed Policy Changes for the 2020 Grant Cycle – Round One – In light of COVID-19; Delegation of Authority to Director for any Necessary – Changes to Grant Processes in Light of COVID-19; Changing the Date of October 2020 Board Meeting, adjournment.