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Washington Citizens’ Commission on Salaries for Elected Officials

Virtual Meeting Agenda: Call to Order, Roll Call of Commissioners, House Keeping, Meeting Opening Statement, Approval of the September 2, 2020, Minutes, Shane Esquibel, Chief Deputy Attorney General (remarks/testimony), Dr. Steve Lerch, Economic and Revenue Forecast Council (remarks/testimony), State Auditor Pat McCarthy (remarks/testimony), Secretary of State Kim Wyman (remarks/testimony), lunch break (approx noon-1p), State Treasurer Duane Davidson (remarks/testimony), Public Testimony (1:30p), Remarks by The Judiciary (Chief Justice Debra L. Stephens, State Supreme Court, Judge Bradley A. Maxa, Judge Michelle K. Gehlsen, Judge Judith H. Ramseyer), State Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler (remarks/testimony), Nona Snell, Assistant Director of Budget, Office of Financial Management (remarks/testimony), Public Testimony (approx 4p), adjournment.