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Senate Labor, Commerce & Tribal Affairs Committee

Executive Session: SB 5410 – Concerning enhanced raffle procedures. SB 5049 – Concerning taxation of low-proof beverages. SB 5172 – Concerning the retroactivity of overtime claims in exceptional cases. SB 5427 – Concerning job search monitoring. SB 5425 – Concerning extended benefits in the unemployment insurance system. SB 5115 – Establishing health emergency labor standards. SB 5355 – Establishing wage liens. SB 5130 – Concerning employee’s rights concerning personnel files and disciplinary actions. SB 5137 – Suspending workers’ compensation cost-of-living adjustments for fiscal year 2022, changing the basis of certain future adjustments to the consumer price index, and capping the rate of increase for future adjustments. SB 5436 – Concerning collective bargaining over the content of reports by ombuds and the selection of ombuds and their staff who oversee law enforcement personnel. SB 5102 – Concerning industrial insurance medical examinations. SB 5065 – Safeguarding the public safety by protecting railroad workers; Public Hearing: SB 5438 – Providing unemployment benefits to workers who are unemployed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and not eligible for unemployment benefits due to immigration status. (Remote testimony.)