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Senate Higher Education & Workforce Development Committee

Public Hearing: SHB 2019 – Increasing educational and training opportunities for careers in retail; HB 1907 – Concerning scholarship displacement in postsecondary institutions’ gift equity packaging policies; E2SHB 1659 – Making higher education more affordable and accessible for students by bridging the gap between cost and need to reduce barriers, improve opportunity, and advance economic security; HB 2007 – Establishing a nurse educator loan repayment program under the Washington health corps; EHB 1687 – Enhancing the college bound scholarship program by increasing opportunities for students to attend community and technical colleges; 2SHB 1751 – Concerning hazing prevention and reduction at institutions of higher education.

Executive Session: HB 1051 – Adding a faculty member to the board of regents at the research universities; HB 1780 – Concerning workforce education investment accountability and oversight board staffing changes; 2SHB 1835 – Creating outreach and completion initiatives to increase postsecondary enrollment; HB 1622 – Increasing the availability of sexual assault nurse examiner education in rural and underserved areas; E2SHB 1736 – Establishing a state student loan program.