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Senate Early Learning & K-12 Education Committee

Executive Session: E2SHB 1162 – Creating new graduation credit and pathway options; HB 1611 – Advancing equity in programs for highly capable students; SHB 1644 – Permitting funds in the transportation vehicle fund to be used for electric and other clean pupil transportation vehicle feasibility planning and fueling station infrastructure; HB 1833 – Establishing an electronic option for the submission of household income information required for participation in school meals and programs; SHB 1941 – Prohibiting active shooter scenarios for school safety-related drills; EHB 1942 – Concerning the provision of the paraeducator fundamental course of study; SHB 1955 – Creating uniformity in education requirements for students who are the subject of a dependency proceeding; HB 1974 – Moving state board of education and educational service district elections to the Washington state school directors’ association.