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Senate Behavioral Health Subcommittee to Health & Long Term Care

Public Hearing: SB 5209 – Enhancing and expanding behavioral health and suicide prevention crisis response services. (Remote testimony) SB 5327 – Creating a confidential youth safety and well-being tip line. (Remote testimony) (If measure is referred to committee) SB 5236 – Extending certificate of need exemptions. (Remote testimony) SB 5328 – Concerning clubhouses for persons with mental illness. (Remote testimony) (If measure is referred to committee);  Executive Session: SB 5157 – Providing incentives to reduce involvement by persons with behavioral disorders in the criminal justice system, SB 5071 – Creating transition teams to assist specified persons under civil commitment, SB 5195 – Concerning prescribing opioid overdose reversal medication, SB 5210 – Concerning updates to competency restoration order requirements.