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Salmon Recovery Funding Board

Board Meeting (virtual) Agenda: Call to order (Roll Call and Determination of Quorum, Overview of Webinar Protocols, Roll Call and Determination of Quorum, Review and Approval of Agenda, Approve March 29 Minutes, Remarks by the Chair), Director’s Report (Report by Board Director, Legislative Update, Performance Update, Fiscal Report), Salmon Recovery Management Report (Governor’s Salmon Recovery Office Report, Salmon Section Report), General Public Comment (non-agenda items), Reports from Key Partners (Council of Regions, WA Salmon Coalition), Recommendations for Setting Funding Request Levels for 2021-2023 (SRFB Funding, PSAR Funding, Other Salmon Funding Requests in the RCO Budget), Monitoring Panel Update, Allocate Funding for 2020 Grant Round, FY 2021 Capacity Funding and FY 2021 Monitoring Funding (Grant Round Amount, Cost Increases, Regional Organization Capacity Funding, Lead Entity Capacity Funding, Monitoring Contracts), Criteria for Future Targeted Investments, adjournment.