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House Housing, Human Services & Veterans Committee

Public Hearing: SSB 5785 – Concerning transitional food assistance; E2SSB 5662 – Concerning intergovernmental coordination to address transitioning persons encamped on state public rights-of-way to permanent housing solutions; ESSB 5758 – Concerning condominium conversions; SSB 5790 – Strengthening critical community support services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities; SB 5825 – Establishing a rental and vacant property registration program work group;

Possible Executive Session: 2SSB 5241 – Promoting economic inclusion; SB 5566 – Expanding eligibility for the independent youth housing program; SB 5607 – Including individuals in jails and hospitals who were homeless before entering such facilities in the state’s annual homeless census; SSB 5749 – Concerning rent payments made by residential and manufactured housing community tenants; SSB 5819 – Concerning the developmental disabilities administration’s no-paid services caseload; SSB 5838 – Providing a monthly diaper subsidy for parents or other caregivers receiving temporary assistance for needy families; SB 5929 – Changing the membership of the legislative-executive WorkFirst poverty reduction oversight task force.