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House Appropriations Committee

Public Hearing: SHB 1139 – Taking action to address lead in drinking water. (Remote testimony.) SHB 1208 – Modifying the learning assistance program. (Remote testimony.) SHB 1267 – Concerning investigation of potential criminal conduct arising from police use of force, including custodial injuries, and other officer-involved incidents. (Remote testimony.) SHB 1272 – Concerning health system transparency. (Remote testimony.) HB 1295 – Providing public education to youth in or released from institutional education facilities. (Remote testimony.) HB 1297 – Concerning working families tax exemption. (Remote testimony.) SHB 1310 – Concerning permissible uses of force by law enforcement and correctional officers. (Remote testimony.) SHB 1335 – Concerning review and property owner notification of recorded documents with unlawful racial restrictions. (Remote testimony.) SHB 1365 – Procuring and supporting appropriate computers and devices for public school students and instructional staff. (Remote testimony.) HB 1399 – Reducing barriers to professional licensure for individuals with previous criminal convictions. (Remote testimony.) SHB 1484 – Concerning the statewide first responder building mapping information system. (Remote testimony.) SHB 1504 – Modifying the workforce education investment act. (Remote testimony.) ESSB 5272 – Concerning temporarily waiving certain liquor and cannabis board annual licensing fees. (Remote testimony.); Possible Executive Session: HB 1073 – Expanding coverage of the paid family and medical leave program. HB 1097 – Increasing worker protections. HB 1140 – Concerning juvenile access to attorneys when contacted by law enforcement. HB 1156 – Increasing representation and voter participation in local elections. HB 1202 – Addressing meaningful civil remedies for persons injured as a result of police misconduct, including by allowing for an award of attorney fees in addition to damages and injunctive and declaratory relief. HB 1203 – Conc