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Division 2 Court of Appeals

Fisheries Engineers Inc. et al v State of Washington.

Whether a member of a profession that is regulated by a legislatively created board with enforcement power has standing to challenge that board’s interpretation of the regulating statute’s provisions under the Administrative Procedure Act or UDJA?

Whether the board charged with regulating the profession is immune from a suit when RCW 18.235.190 immunizes the “director, members of the boards or commissioner, or individuals acting on their behalf … from any action, civil or criminal, based on any disciplinary actions or other official acts performed in the course of their duties”? 

Whether the use of the title “Engineer,” or any variation thereof, necessarily tends to convey the impression of licensure when it is used by someone who either engages in the practice of engineering, or works within an agency or business that engages in or offers engineering services and is not a registered professional engineer?

Case # 562855.