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Tuesday February 26th 2013, 1:30PM

Senate Ways & Means Committee

Public: SB 5561, SB 5647, SB 5831, SSB 5480, SB 5691, SSB 5732, SB 5808, SSB 5656, SSB 5680, SSB 5624, SB 5318, SSB 5560, SB 5709, SB 5641, SB 5717, SJR 8205, SSB 5193, SSB 5219, SSB 5243, SSB 5365, SSB 5588; Exec: 5444, 5262, 5454



Public Hearing

SB 5561
Concerning the business and occupation taxation of dairy products.

SB 5647
Requiring the department of revenue to publish their determinations.

SB 5831
Providing a sales and use tax exemption for clay targets purchased by nonprofit gun clubs. (Hearing is on Proposed Substitute.)

SSB 5480
Accelerating changes to mental health involuntary commitment laws.

SB 5691
Concerning veterans' homes.

SSB 5732
Concerning the adult behavioral health system in Washington state.

SB 5808
Affirming centralized payroll services as nontaxable between affiliated companies.

SSB 5656
Revising business licensing systems.

SSB 5680
Promoting economic development by providing information to businesses. (Hearing is on Proposed Substitute).

SSB 5624
Aligning high-demand secondary STEM or career and technical education programs with applied baccalaureate programs. (Hearing is on Proposed Substitute).

SB 5318
Removing the one-year waiting period for veterans or active members of the military for purposes of eligibility for resident tuition.

SSB 5560
Modifying job skills program provisions.

SB 5709
Concerning a pilot program to demonstrate the feasibility of using densified biomass to heat public schools.

SB 5641
Requiring the governor's signature on significant legislative rules.

SB 5717
Addressing competitive contracting.

SJR 8205
Amending the Constitution to require a two-thirds majority vote of the legislature to raise taxes.

SSB 5193
Concerning large wild carnivore conflict management.

SSB 5219
Retaining water resources to assure the vitality of local economies.

SSB 5243
Establishing policies to support academic acceleration for high school students.

SSB 5365
Increasing the capacity of school districts to recognize and respond to troubled youth.

SSB 5588
Requiring an analysis of how school districts use school days.

Executive Session

SSB 5444
Concerning the administration of taxes regarding publicly owned property.

SSB 5262
Concerning the lodging tax.

SB 5454
Concerning the testing of infants placed in out-of-home care whose human immunodeficiency virus is unknown.

SSB 5178
Modifying organized retail theft provisions.